The Light of Spring

February first is upon us. While normally we would be buried in snow and flipping through travel magazines for tropical locales to escape to, this winter has been surprisingly mild. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and little Wiarton Willie is getting ready to forecast whether spring is around the corner or not, but it still feels like winter has yet to arrive. No matter, as whether it is hardy or hale the CLC crew keep busy all year long. If predictions suggest an early spring though, I suspect that people will begin dreaming of spring flowers, budding trees and maybe even stretch it further to steamy summer patios relaxing by the pool.

That is if you can find your way to it. Once the spring thaw really hits, you might find that last year’s solar lights just don’t cut it anymore. They may be cheap, but that does come with a price and that price is often a short lifespan or insufficient lighting. Not so with LED lighting though. Wouldn’t you like to really add that Wow factor to your yard this year? Crescent Moon Lightscaping can help.

Ok, so let me set the scene for you. It’s a long weekend after an even longer week. All you really need is some much-needed downtime to shed the busyness of work, errands, and the mile-long list of responsibilities that you seem to never be able to shake. After twisting the top off a cold one, you can’t help but drift out to your newly illuminated gazebo where peace and tranquility await. All you need is a neighbour or two to join in with a song in their hearts and life will set itself to rights once again by morning.

That gazebo, pergola or pond deserves to be a focal point of your home, day or night. So if it has been languishing in the shadows during years past, perhaps this is the time to let the light shine on your yard. Crescent Moon Lightscaping uses premium quality low voltage lighting fixtures to transform your property into a subtly lit portrait that will take your breath away! Trees, shrubs, water and architectural features come to life with custom designed, professionally installed lighting that suits your taste and budget.

Dreaming of a beautifully lit yard is our idea of quality time spent waiting for spring to arrive. So regardless of what Wiarton Willie predicts tomorrow, why not give us a call today to discuss your home’s outdoor lighting needs this year. With an early spring start, you could be enjoying your illuminated yard all summer long. That is a prediction that Crescent Moon can help make come true!


About CLCtreeservices

CLC Tree Services has been providing premiere tree services to London and the surrounding area since 1988. We focus on providing tree services to residential, commercial, property owners and property management agencies. We have the desire, knowledge and equipment to solve all difficult tree problems.
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