LEA Craft Day

Award winning 18-hole golf

East Park – Award winning 18-hole golf course

Last week the crew from CLC Tree Services got to take part in a very special day. The men fired up a few CLC trucks and headed to East Park. While East Park boasts an 18-hole golf course, which just so happens to have won a Best of London award this year, CLC wasn’t there to hit the greens. It was time for them to host a London Executive Association’s Craft Day.

East Park served up some mean steak!

Some mighty fine steaks were served up for hungry LEA members!

For those of you not familiar with the London Executive Association (LEA), it is a non-profit association of London businesses dedicated to enhancing ethical business practices and offering extensive networking opportunities. It was founded in 1934 and continues to promote a high level of excellence in customer satisfaction, while also stimulating business and professional development. Meetings are held weekly at the London Convention Centre, but five to six times a year select members host a Craft Day. This month it was CLC Tree Service’s turn.

Calvin climbing

Calvin shows off his tree climbing skills

So what is a Craft Day, you wonder? It’s not about making twig puppets,  if that’s your guess. It is all about highlighting your “craft”; the skills that your company offers. As CLC is in the tree services industry, that meant that the crew took to the trees to showcase their stuff! Some of the skills that were demonstrated were fertilization and aeration, pruning, use of a bucket truck, proper climbing techniques, safety precautions, and tree planting.

A captive audience hangs on Curt's every word

A captive audience hangs on Curt’s every word

Before Calvin shimmied up any trees though, a few words needed to be spoken. Peter Inch, the President of the LEA, stood up to welcome everyone to the meeting, while folks filled their plates with salads and steak. Once bellies were satisfied, everyone wandered to a nearby clearing where CLC’s owner Curt McCallum planned to tell everyone about what it is that CLC Tree Services does. Heather Cadogan, from Keycontact, was first up on the mic though and gave a rousing introduction, which included a nice history of Curt and the business.

Shaun, Sean, Luke, Calvin & Nick were all on hand to help out CLC Tree Services during the LEA Craft Day

Shaun, Sean, Luke, Calvin & Nick were all on hand to help out CLC Tree Services during the LEA Craft Day

Once Curt took the floor, he introduced all the members of CLC Tree Services and other associates that were present who help make the company all that it is. Present crew members included Nick Tavack, Sean Stewart, Shaun Wright, Luke McCallum, Calvin McCallum, as well as Office Manager Christine Siemens, blogger Katherine Krige, and Curt’s hard-working wife Anna-Marie. With a nod to Sheila Creighton from ReForest London, he suggested native trees to plant, highlighted the many services that CLC Tree Services offers, and fielded the crowd for questions about anything tree related. The highlight of the day for many though was when members were asked to assemble for a special group shot taken from the aerial bucket truck.

It was a beautiful day to learn first-hand about our small family run business, and the abundant smiles and questions spoke volumes. Thanks to all the members that were in attendance. And thank you to the LEA for giving CLC Tree Services the opportunity to spotlight our company. See you at the next meeting!

Members of the London Executive Association spell out LEA

Members of the London Executive Association spell out LEA as seen from the bucket truck


About CLCtreeservices

CLC Tree Services has been providing premiere tree services to London and the surrounding area since 1988. We focus on providing tree services to residential, commercial, property owners and property management agencies. We have the desire, knowledge and equipment to solve all difficult tree problems.
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  3. A great place for CLC Tree services to host a Craft Day…..in and around the beautiful trees!

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