Tree Care in Late Winter: Why you Should Book your Estimate Today

The calendar has rolled over to March. People have begun counting down the days til the official start to spring. Less than three weeks! Can’t wait.

Before you unpack your shorts and sandals though, take the time to look around your yard. Now is the perfect time to have your trees inspected by a Certified Arborist to see how they fared over the winter. Here are a few reasons why;


Tree Care in Late Winter

  • An arborist can spot dead and damaged limbs without having to peer through new leaves.
  • The overall shape of a tree can be more readily determined without leaves present and can be pruned accordingly.
  • Trees go dormant over the course of the winter. By late winter, a tree can be pruned, without risk of insect attacks.
  • Sap is only beginning to move within trees, so any cuts made to a tree at this time of year won’t bleed as readily and will close faster.
  • The ground is still relatively firm, if not frozen, so any heavy equipment which may be needed will potentially cause less damage to surrounding landscape.
  • Most people think of yard work as a summer pastime. You can beat the spring rush by booking an estimate today, before the spring season is fully underway.
  • Properly cared-for trees add value to your home or business, while poorly maintained trees may become an expensive liability.

CLC Tree Services has tended trees in the Forest City for over 25 years. We are highly knowledgeable, professional and truly care about offering the best tree services possible for homeowners and businesses in London and area. Estimates are always free and emergencies always take priority. Contact us today to have one of our arborists inspect your trees. Call 519-685-0257



About CLCtreeservices

CLC Tree Services has been providing premiere tree services to London and the surrounding area since 1988. We focus on providing tree services to residential, commercial, property owners and property management agencies. We have the desire, knowledge and equipment to solve all difficult tree problems.
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4 Responses to Tree Care in Late Winter: Why you Should Book your Estimate Today

  1. Thanks for these tips. Most people just don’t think about this kind of thing during the winter. Its almost like its pre-programmed in people’s minds that its not time to do yard work until its spring time.

  2. Tree Lover says:

    Completely agree that it is a must to prune trees late winter. Even if not full fledged pruning, it is necessary to pay some attention into the maintenance and care it requires. The spring that awaits is the most important season of the year for my trees and my trees will need some help to bring out the best! Thanks for this post.

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