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The Common Hoptree: Not as Common as We’d Like

Ptelea trifoliata (otherwise known as the Common Hoptree) contrary to its name, is far from common. While you can find this native tree along the shores of Lake Erie in sandy areas, the Hoptree is considered a threatened species in Canada. … Continue reading

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Anyone Care for a Coffee?

Everyone likes coffee, don’t they? Well, you should! How about the Kentucky Coffee Tree? While you can’t get a latte from one, they are a pretty special deciduous tree. They are native to Southwestern Ontario, but sadly are also considered a … Continue reading

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Tree Services: What’s Left Behind

When you are in need of tree work your main concern is the tree, but there are other things to consider. Whether you require pruning or complete tree removal, waste product is created. This may consist of; leaves branches wood mulch stumps Have … Continue reading

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The Striking Sycamore

Are you looking for a native species to plant with character galore? Look no further than the stately Sycamore tree. Don’t mistake Platanus occidentalis with other Sycamore trees grown around the world though. While the powerful Egyptian goddesses Nut, Hathor, and … Continue reading

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Open Leaves

tightly curled into a bud lingering, waiting, until it should could need raindrops should need sun would need warmth to help open a little bud an unformed leaf next year’s growth inside the sheath when will it open its hard to … Continue reading

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