Homemade Tree Costumes

Halloween is a month away. Last year, CLC Tree Services shared some tree costumes that we came across. The only problem was that the post ran on Halloween, so it gave you no time to make one of your own. So we thought that perhaps we would go digging for more ideas on how to dress in our favourite theme this Halloween. It’s time to get crafty, Halloween tree style!

Homemade Tree Costumes

This young man is the height of Fall fashion!

First stop is at Pinterest, and there are plenty of ideas to be found. Like this relatively easy tree costume seen here. Get yourself some felt, make yourself a pattern (or print one off the internet), measure your tree-to-be, and start cutting! You could easily size the costume to fit over-top of a snow suit if necessary (will we have snow in London, Ontario this year? Who knows). The multi-coloured leaves shown here give it a great seasonal flair too.

Cork Tree Costume anyone?

Here is another fall tree that is a little more complicated. It is easy enough for those wine-loving families though. Start drinking now and gather up your corks. Your cork tree costume awaits!

A Festive Christmas Tree

How about a tree costume from our favourite holiday – Christmas! Now this pretty lady here has got the right spirit. All you need is some cardboard, ornaments, a hot glue gun and a festive spirit. Voila, a Christmas tree costume!

Did he just say ‘Aloha’?

Now this one reminds me of when we cut down, then replanted palm trees at the Lamplighter. Forget “Trick or Treat”; it’s Aloha for anyone sporting this palm tree costume. And it can’t be that hard when it is only made out of painted cardboard. Shake your coconuts this Halloween!

Cutest truffula tree costume ever

How about a Truffula tree? Dr Seuss was before his time when he wrote ‘The Lorax’, but children and adults alike have enjoyed his tale since it was published in 1971. Bring his message alive this year with a little tulle and some patience. Everyone will love this truffula tree costume on Halloween.

The leaves of fall are a’blowin in this costume

We would be remiss if we missed out on Martha Stewart’s tree-inspired costume here. In true Martha style, she gives great instructions on how to create the windswept look of leaves in this leaf garland costume. You’ll need crepe paper, brown floral wire, 18-gauge wire and time, but we think it is worth it.

What are your little ghouls going to dress up as this Halloween?

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  1. Karina says:

    Easy and funny to do¡¡¡

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